Dramatic Video: Texas Cops Invade Home Without Warrant

  • by: Alan Duke

Tori Thayer turned her cellphone's camera on after four Travis County, Texas, deputies burst into her home without a warrant, claiming they were doing a "welfare check" on a roommate.

The dramatic video supports Thayer's complaint that the deputies abused her, by ignoring her demand to see a warrant -- which they did not have -- and then throwing her to the floor where they forcefully held her down for several minutes.

"I was dumbfounded, honestly I'd never imagine something like this happening to me," Thayer told Austin's KTBC. "I hear it on the news see on my newsfeed ... but you never think about it happening to you."

The confrontation happened at 3 a.m. when she said she found the deputies inside her Pflugerville home.home even before she could answer their banging on her front door. She said she thought it was a burglar. "I did I was ready to run for my life and throw something at them."

The deputies eventually explained to her they were looking for a roommate because a family member report she had threatened suicide. The deputies went through her home, but she says it escalated when she refused to allow them in the room of another roommate. One deputy grabbed her arm "and another officer got behind me and put his knee into my back and thrust me to the ground while one stayed on my chest the entire time and handcuffed me," Thayer said.

Watch the raw video captured on Thayer's phone:

The Travis County sheriff said his department is investigating the formal complaint Thayer filed against the deputies, accusing them of being verbally and physically abusive.

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