Viral Video: Two Men Fight, But Cops Only Put Black Man On Ground

  • by: Alan Duke

A video posted on Youtube showing how police react when arriving at the scene of a fight between two men has gone viral because of what the first thing the white police officers did when they arrived.

The only fighter forced to the ground and handcuffed in the African-American man, while the other man -- who appears to be white -- is allowed to stand by until a few moments later when he is handcuffed while standing.

What you see in the video but the cops did not know at the time was that the white man chased the black man and threw punches at him. However, the officers apparently made the immediate assumption that it was the black man who posed a threat of violence.

The video posting does not reveal what police department was involved, although the description does say the fight was "outside of a police station." There is also no information on how the fight started or what charges the participants face.

The video is being used to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement which grew out of the recent deaths of several black suspects.

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