SWAT Team Let's Wanted Couple Have Sex Before Storming Trailer

  • by: Alan Duke

Even Bonnie and Clyde didn't get a last chance at romance before being gunned down, but sentimental cops sit back and wait while a Jacksonville, Florida, couple had sex in their trailer park home, according to local media reports.

The seven-hour siege on the mobile home began on the the evening of Wednesday, October 14, 2015, and ended the next day at 4 a.m., apparently after Ryan Bautista, 34. and Leanne Hunn, 30, had finished fornicating.

When police called the home's phone, Hunn answered and said "she wanted to have sex with Bautista one last time" before surrendering.

A neighbor told Jacksonville TV station News4Jax that he saw 30 police cars, two SWAT teams and a bomb squad waiting on the scene as the couple had a final fling.

While the unusual patience by police resulted in a peaceful end and three arrest, it has drawn criticism from those who question if law enforcement officers would have been so kind if the man and woman had not been white.

Bautistawas wanted on several warrants, including armed burglary. He and Hunn were also charged with resisting arrest without violence and false imprisonment.

Police also nabbed Michael Forte, 34, from inside the love trailer on a murder charge join connection with a Burger King robbery.

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