Say What? Cop Who Staged Suicide Had His Mistress Marry His Son To Collect Army Benefits?

  • by: Alan Duke

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Fox Lake, Illinois, Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz is suspected of arrangnig a "sham marriage" between his mistress and his son, who was serving in the U.S. Army. The arrangement allowed the woman to get military benefits, including health care and housing pay, the report said.

"With the addition of the family, Donald Gliniewicz would get about $1,750 a month for being married and having two children to support, the source said. Gliniewicz's mistress would get $500, and Donald Gliniewicz would get the rest," the report said.

Here is a video report from Chicago's Channel 7:

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz allegedly staged his own suicide to look like he was killed on the job to avoid facing charges for stealing money from a non-profit group he ran, according to investigators.

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