Video: Smash & Grab Robbery Becomes Turn & Run When Armed Jewelry Store Owner Fights Back

  • by: Alan Duke

The band of bold robbers turned into a frightened pack of empty-handed thieves when they failed to expect the jewelry store owner was armed and ready to shoot.

Heavily Armed Robbery Team Sent Packing by 65-yr Old Woman wit...

Check out this video of an entire pack of heavily armed robbers as they rush a California jewelry store - only to be sent running away by an elder woman with a .38. Two shots was all it took and they fled. This is how we like our armed robbers - running in fear of a good guy/gal! What are you going to do if this happens when you're in a business during an armed attack? #IowaGunOwners

Posted by Iowa Gun Owners on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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