iPhone Case Triggers Parking Lot Scare: Could've 'Very Easily Ended Tragically'

  • by: Alan Duke

What police saw next to a sleeping man in a suburban Los Angeles parking lot led to a confrontation that "very easily ended tragically," according to a release from the Alhambra, California, police. When officers saw "what appeared to be a gun next to him" they called the Los Angeles County Sheriff's SWAT team for help.

The sleeping man eventually woke up -- three hours later -- and "came out of his vehicle with his hands up."

"The situation ended peaceful and it was determined what appeared to be a gun was actually a cellphone case of a gun," police said. "The male subject did not require any medical attention, was not arrested, and was sleeping in his vehicle."

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Police and paramedics were initially called to the Albertson grocery store parking lot when someone called 911 to report "a possible medical issue of a subject in a vehicle," police said.

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