Update: Heartbroken Retired Cop Gets To Keep His K-9 Partner

  • by: Jeremy Smith

Lead Stories wrote an article last week, about a retiring police officer having to raise funds to buy his K-9 partner at auction.

After 34 years of service, an Ohio police officer retired. Matthew Hickey assumed his K-9 partner would be joining him.

But due to a state law, his partner, Ajax, was to be auctioned off as any other old county property. Needless to say, Hickey was fuming. Donors began chipping in thousands so Hickey could put in a bid. "I love K-9 training and K-9 work," Hickey said. Hickey had been paired with Ajax for four years.

Matthew Hickey was told Monday he could keep Ajax by simply signing-up to be an auxiliary cop in Marietta, Ohio. "I am prepared to do everything I can so that dog, which I know you love, stays with you," according to Police Chief Rodney Hupp.

As of today, the GoFundMe page for Ajax has garnered $67,810.00. According to the site, any funds that are left over after bidding on Ajax will be donated to a K-9 fund to the purchase of bullet resistent vests for our Law Enforcement Officers furry partners.

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